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Friends, as you all know, we try our best to inform you about all the government schemes being run by the government on our website, friends, today we will try to give you information about another government scheme being run by the government.

The name of the scheme is the Palanhar Yojana, we will tell you for whom the Palanhar scheme is for whom, who can get the benefit of this scheme. Friends, if you also want to take advantage of the Palanhar scheme, then read the entire article carefully and take advantage of this scheme.

What is Palanhar scheme (Yojana)?

Providing education, food, in a family environment on behalf of the State, by providing for the upbringing of orphans, education, etc., by not wishing to raise children in the family of the closest relatives/acquaintances of children within the society within the society.

To provide clothing and other necessary facilities. Thus the scheme run by the state government is unique throughout India.

Eligibility for Palanhar (Yojana) Scheme

  • Under the Palanhar scheme, grants are provided to Palanhar for the upbringing, education, etc. of such orphans.
  • The annual income of the Palanhar family should not exceed Rs. 1.20 lakh.
  • It is mandatory to send such orphans to the Anganwadi center at the age of 2 and to the school at the age of 6.

This scheme implemented from 08.02.2005 was initially operated for orphan children of Scheduled Castes, which have been amended from time to time to add the following categories: –

  • Orphaned children
  • Children of parents with death penalty/life imprisonment by judicial process
  • Maximum three children of widowed mothers eligible for destitute pension
  • Maximum of three children of mother
  • Reunited widowed mother’s child
  • Children of AIDS afflicted parents
  • Children of leprosy parents
  • Children of disabled parents
  • Divorced/abandoned woman’s child

Amount for Rajasthan Palanhar (Yojana) Scheme

  • For every orphaned child, the family is provided a grant at the rate of Rs 500 per month for a child up to the age of 5 years and Rs 1000 per month till the age of 18 years after entering the school.
  • Apart from this, an annual grant of Rs. 2000 per year (excluding widow and maternity category) is also provided for clothes, shoes, sweaters, and other essential work.
  • On applying the said grant to the Palanhar family, it is sanctioned by the departmental district officer in urban areas and by the concerned development officer in rural areas.

Online application for Rajasthan Palanhar (Yojana) Scheme

  • Friends, if you also want to take advantage of the Palanhar scheme, then you have to click on the website given here.
  • After clicking on the website, you will see the application form for Palanhar Scheme.
  • Quickly download the Palanhar Scheme Application Form.
  • Now fill whatever information you fill in it carefully.
  • Click on submit button

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