Farmers tend to sow the fields before the seed report is received


Farmers have to bear the brunt of the discrepancy in the investigation rules, the inquiry report should come in a week

Alirajpur With the onset of rains in the area, farmers have started preparing sowing of kharif crop.
Along with making the fields sowable by the farmers, compost seeds are being purchased, but every year questions are raised about the standardity of the seeds. Many farmers’ fields do not germinate after sowing due to non-standard and poor seeds. In such a situation, they have to bear the financial loss.

The Agriculture Department is responsible for checking the standardity of the seeds sold by the traders, but due to the complexity and time frame of the rules, farmers have to sow the seeds before the inquiry report comes.
The farmers are demanding to make the report of the seeds public soon. The samples are taken by the Department of Agriculture from licensed shops selling chemical fertilizers and medicines, including seeds, but the investigation of these sites takes a long time. By the time the farmers have sown. In such a situation, the farmers have to suffer economic loss when the seeds are out of non-standard.

Investigation report comes after one month
Samples of seeds sold by the licensing firms are taken by the Agriculture Department before the Kharif season. They are sent to the laboratory to check the standard. The test report takes 30 to 35 days. If the samples are sent by the department on June 1, then the report is received only after June 30. While farmers wait for the investigation report, the time of sowing ends.

A large number of fertilizer seed shops in the district
Due to the clash of seeds, the farmer buys from the traders before the arrival of monsoon. After the rain, the sow has also done. Later, if the seed is found to be non-standard or if there is no germination in the fields, then the farmers have to bear the economic loss. There are a large number of fertilizer seed shops in the district. Samples of Soyabean, Moong, Urad are taken by the department from the shops. Samples are also made available by traders, but due to late latency in the investigation report, both farmers and traders are not aware about the quality of seeds. In such a situation, selling by traders and purchasing by farmers becomes a wage. If a test report of the seed is received in time, then the merchant can avoid selling these seeds. Even the farmer will not buy it.

Investigation report should come in a week
Farmers say that one month is more in the name of investigation. In such a situation, there is no justification after the report comes. Its action should be completed in a maximum of one week. So that farmers can know the standard of seeds in time. The rules of investigation should be amended. Apart from this, action should be taken against the officials certifying the seeds. Farmers should get compensation. The report of the institution whose seed is non-standard should be made public.


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