UP Murgi Palan Loan Yojana | Up Poultry Form Scheme Registration 2020


If you are a citizen of Uttar Pradesh and are thinking of doing your own business, then the poultry scheme is right for you. It is often seen that people want to do their own work but due to a lack of money, they are unable to start work for life.

Poultry farming loan scheme has been started for such people. Poultry Farmers or Poultry Farming through this scheme run by Yogi Government

Loans will be arranged for the commuters. Poultry farming will play an important role in making the country self-sufficient.

If you want to apply in this scheme or want to get any information related to Murgi Palan Loan Yojana Scheme, then you should stay on this article till the end.

In Uttar Pradesh, this scheme has been started only to increase the income of poultry farmers and to further this business. In order to speed up poultry farming, a poultry development policy has been issued.

What is Uttar Pradesh’s Poultry or Poultry Loan yoajana 2020

We all know the number of eggs and meat consumed in the country today. Statistics also show that the demand for eggs and meat is very high in the country, while the people doing its business are very less.

Figures from the Indian Academy of Nutrition show that egg consumption per person per year in the country is around 182, that is, an average person eats 182 eggs a year.

When it comes to national availability, there are 53 eggs. While in Uttar Pradesh it is 22 eggs. If we talk about meat, its annual consumption per person is up to around 11.00 kg, while the national availability is only 2.20 kg.

These figures clearly explain how this business is going to flourish. Perhaps this is why the Yogi government has started the poultry loan scheme.

How much loan will be available in Poultry farming / Murgi Palan loan yojana

Poultry farms can be opened under the poultry scheme of Uttar Pradesh. The applicant will have to bear some percentage of the cost for opening the form, while the remaining money will be given as a loan from the bank. Through the scheme, the applicant can start a commercial unit of 10 thousand birds or 30 thousand parties.

To set up a commercial unit of 30 thousand birds, Rs 1.60 crore will be required, out of which 54 lakh rupees will have to be given and then a loan of Rs 1.06 crore will have to be passed.

If the applicant establishes a commercial unit of 10,000 birds, he will need Rs 70 lakh, out of which Rs 21 lakh will have to be borne by himself, while a loan of Rs 49 lakh will have to be passed.

Benefits of Poultry Farm Loan Scheme

  • A bank loan of Rs 49 lakh can be availed for following 10 thousand parties, while a loan of up to 1.06 crore will be given for rearing 30 thousand chickens.
  • Uttar Pradesh’s government will give a license in the scheme.
  • The government will help in getting the certificate of cleanliness.
  • More employment will be created in the state.
  • The economic condition of the people will improve.
  • The demand for egg and meat will be fulfilled in the state.
  • The income of farmers and animal husbandry will increase.

Eligibility and conditions for Uttarpradesh Murgi Palan Loan Scheme

  • Applicants must have at least 3 acres of land.
  • The land should be 500 meters away from the highway, water source, population, etc.
  • The beneficiary must have six acres of land for broiler parent farming.
  • Only residents of Uttar Pradesh can apply.
  • The bank should have a savings account.

Documents required for the scheme

  • It will be mandatory to provide any one of the voter ID cards, driving license, passport, or Aadhaar card.
  • Passport size photo
  • Ration card, electricity bill, water bill, submission of one of these will be mandatory in the address proof.
  • Complete details of your project or project report
  • Complete bank account information
Up Poultry Form Scheme

Up Poultry Form Scheme Registration 2020

  1. If you want to apply in this scheme now, then for this you will first have to get the form attached to the scheme and after filling the form you have to submit it to the bank. If all the information is found correctly, you will be given a loan by the bank.
  2. You can get the form related to this scheme by clicking on this link.
  3. If you want to get any other type of information related to the scheme then click on this link.

Questions related to the poultry loan scheme

Which state is running a poultry loan scheme?
This scheme is being run by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Can a citizen of any state apply to the poultry loan scheme?
No, only residents of Uttar Pradesh can take advantage of the scheme.

Is it mandatory to have own land to apply in poultry farming?
Yes, it is mandatory to own 3 acres of land to avail of the scheme.

Will farmers benefit from the poultry loan scheme in Uttar Pradesh?
Yes, this scheme is for every citizen of Uttar Pradesh, including farmers, who prove their eligibility.

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