These Hanuman temples of Rajasthan are famous all over India, Pawanputra is seated here in different forms


Rajwadi Shano Shaukat, Rajasthan, known for its valor of valor, is not only famous for its forts but also for visiting more than one famous temples. By the way, Lord Hanuman’s temples are in many places around the world. But today we are going to tell you about such Hanuman temples of Rajasthan, where all the sorrows and pains of people end by having a darshan. Where the request is guaranteed to be fulfilled ..

It is believed that if you ask in these Hanuman temples, the wish is definitely fulfilled. These temples include the Salasar Balaji temple of Rajasthan and the wishful Hanuman temple. Where all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled. There are long queues of people here to see Hanuman ji.


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