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Friends, we try our best to inform you about every government Yojana so that you can take full advantage of all government schemes happening in our country. Friends, today you have brought another government scheme of Rajasthan.

The name of this scheme is Rajasthan Tarabandi Yojana Friends, this scheme is also being run by the government, but there are many people who are not aware of these government schemes, and they are not able to take advantage of government schemes.

Today we will give you complete information about the Tarbandi Rajasthan scheme so that you too can take advantage of the Rajasthan scheme soon.

What is Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

Friends, now you may be wondering what is Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana, so we want to tell you that you are getting the understanding from the word Tarbandi itself. Under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme, the government will provide financial assistance to the farmers to make a fence to make their farm bigger.

In which the government will spend 50% of the total expenditure. There is a lot of costs to install a fence (wire) in the field and in such a situation, small farmers are unable to do the fencing.

Therefore, the Rajasthan government has taken this step so that small farmers can plant fences (wire) to do farming so that their crops are protected.

The purpose of Rajasthan Tarbandi

  • The objective of the government is that if the farmers get planted in the fields, the fields will be saved from loss.
  • Due to which the yield of the crop will be good.
  • Farmers will also be benefited There are many farmers whose crops are planted in the fields due to lack of wires in the fields, they are damaged by animals or by other animals.
  • Due to which the farmers are getting frustrated and they are not interested in farming, so the government has started the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana.
  • For this, the Rajasthan government has also set a target of providing financial assistance of up to Rs 8 crore, 49 lakh.
  • For this, an amount of at least Rs 3 lakh 96 thousand will be available.

Benefits of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

  • The yield of farmers will be increased, now farmers will be able to grow good crops without any worry.
  • Farmers will be helped to bear the cost of wires.
  • Now even poor farmers can easily do agriculture by putting wires in their fields.
  • This will improve Rajasthan’s agriculture.
  • Rajasthan will move forward.
  • Every farmer of Rajasthan will be able to produce his crop well.

Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana Eligibility

  • It is necessary to be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.
  • In order to avail this scheme, the farmer must have a minimum of 0.5 decimal hectares of cultivable land.
  • Under this scheme, 50% assistance will be provided to the farmer by the state government.
  • Financial amount will be provided in the account of farmers.
  • To get financial assistance up to 40000 under this scheme, you have to provide a minimum of 50% money.
  • If you are already taking advantage of any scheme, then you cannot avail this scheme.

Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana Document

  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • Land clearance

Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana online application

  • Friends, if you want to apply for Rajasthan Tarabandi scheme, then you have to click on the website given here.
  • After clicking on the website, you will see an application form of Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme.
  • Download this application form.
  • Click on the submit button to fill whatever information has been asked from you.
  • In this way, you can apply by filling the form of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana.

Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme Offline Application

Friends, we want to tell you here, if you do not want to apply online, you can also apply offline, we are telling you some truth below, you can apply offline by following them.

  • To apply under this scheme, you can apply at your nearest Facilitation Center.
  • For this, you just have to fill the application form (Tarbandi scheme form) and put the necessary documents with it.
  • Your application will be completed, complete information of the application will be provided on your mobile. (Friends, you have to keep in mind that whatever mobile number you fill on your forum should be exactly right because you will get a call from Rajasthan Tarabandi office on the same phone number Which you will fill the number on the application form)
  • Your report will be given to the officials for checking eligibility and after that, you will be given money.
  • Friends, if you want to know any information related to Rajasthan Tarabandi scheme, then comment me, I will definitely answer your questions, please do not forget to like and share my Facebook page, we will not keep you updated in this.

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