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All dear friends, today we are going to inform you about the government Yojana being run by the Madhya Pradesh government on our website, the name of this yojana is the Mukhya Mantri Asangathit Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana

Friends, now all of you will want to know what kind of scheme it is And for the complete information about the benefits of this to the workers, friends, read this article carefully, we will give you complete information about the Mukhya Mantri Asangathit Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana in it!

Friends, now all of you want to know what is the Chief Minister Unorganized Workers Welfare Scheme / Unorganized Workers Registration Status? , Shopkeepers, warehouses, transportation, handlooms, electrical goods, dyeing-printing, sewing-weaving-embroidery, wood goods, leather goods and shoe-makers and crackers, auto-rickshaw drivers, flour, oil, pulses, rice And Poha mills, woodworkers, utensils, artisans, chowkidars, carpenters and labourers fall into the unorganized working class.

Mukhya Mantri Asangathit Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana

The Mazdoor of the Asangathit sector plays an important role in the economic progress of Madhya Pradesh. The world cannot run without labourers, their hard work leads to life. The state government is committed to the welfare of Asangathit Mazdoor Kalyan. 50 per cent of the state budget will be spent on the welfare of the workers.

A revolutionary and historic ‘Chief Minister Unorganized Labor Welfare Scheme’ has been prepared for the labourers of the unorganized sector / mazduri card ke sabhi yojna in the state. This scheme will change the lives of workers.

Villages will have registration camps in gram panchayats and in cities, registration will be done in city panchayats, municipalities and their zonal offices. After registration, labourers will be given a registration card.

Workers just have to tell that they do not pay income tax. He is not in any government job and does not have more than two and a half acres of land.

For maternity assistance to labor laborers, four thousand rupees will be added to their account in six to nine months. After delivery, they will be given twelve thousand rupees, so that they can take care of themselves and their child.

Pangiyan for registration

  • Application cum declaration form in the prescribed format. Composite ID. Serial number, passport size photo.
  • Valid for 5 years from the date of registration, registration will be free of charge.
  • For this, registration camps will be organized at the Gram Panchayat level for rural areas, at the ward level for urban areas. For this, the Panchayat and Rural Development Department for the rural area and the Urban Administration and Development Department for the urban area have been appointed as nodal officers. Labour officers for rural areas, Dhar and labour officers for urban areas, Pithampur will coordinate and report to the government.

Asangathit Mazdoor registration benefits

  • The government will bear the full expenses of the education of the children of laborers. If children want to go to coaching, then free arrangements will be made. Workers will be given a grant for advanced tools.
  • The wages of labourers engaged in plucking tendu leaves will be increased from Rs one thousand two hundred per standard bag to Rs two thousand per standard bag.
  • 207 crore will be given to the tendu leaf pickers as a season bonus.
  • The old electricity bills of the workers will be frozen, they will get electricity at a flat rate of two hundred rupees per month.
  • Cycle rickshaw drivers will be given e-rickshaws.
  • In case of permanent disability or death of a worker, financial assistance will be given to his family.
  • One lakh rupees will be given on partial permanent disability, two lakh rupees on permanent disability, two lakh rupees on general death and two lakh rupees on accidental death.
  • FIR in case of accidental death They will have to apply along with the copy and death certificate.
  • Mahua flower / Mahua gulli will also be purchased at the minimum support price.
  • Mahua flower and gulli will be purchased for Rs 30 per kg.
  • Pickle kernels will be purchased at the rate of 100 rupees per kg and 20 paise per kg of seeds.

Madhya Pradesh Asangathit Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana Eligibility

  • Applicants must be laborers.
  • Labor should not be in any kind of government service.
  • Must not be a taxpayer.
  • There should not be agricultural land.
  • Eligibility in registration should be between 18 and 60 years of age.
  • Be employed in unorganized labor category.
  • Do not be an income tax payer.
  • There should not be more than 2 hectares of agricultural land.

Madhya Pradesh Mukhya Mantri Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana online registration

  • The applicant must first click on the website given here.
  • After clicking on the website, you will see the Madhya Pradesh Unorganized Mazdoor Kalyan Yojana Application Form.
  • Fill in the information you have been asked in the application form.
  • After registration, workers will also be provided with a registration card.
  1. Download application form
  2. Madhya Pradesh Labor Service Portal
  3. Track the status of your registration application
  4. Download a copy of your worker registration card
  5. Find the status of plan registration
  6. View your profile

In order to register the workers of the unorganized sector, they can get the application for registration in their rural panchayat, municipal office in the rural area and in the urban area, fill it and fill it and register it.

By contacting the Panchayat Secretary and the ward in-charge, you can get the necessary information by getting the application form. Registration will be issued online and registration will be given on the mobile of the concerned through message or voice call.

Along with socio-economic security to the unorganized labourers and their families, the government will bear the expenses of complete education and treatment of their children. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has requested the labourers, brothers and sisters, to register and take advantage of the government’s schemes.
In this regard, Collector Shri Shriman Shukla has directed all concerned officers to get 100% registration of labourers and to get maximum registration of labourers by spreading it widely. Collector Shri Shukla has also requested all the workers of the unorganized sector to register as necessary.

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