Madhya Pradesh Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana 2020


During the Corona period, children’s education is suffering greatly. In order to compensate for this loss and to enable students to study from home, different governments are making various Yojana.

One such scheme is going to start from Madhya Pradesh. The name of this scheme is Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana. Under this scheme, school students of the states will be taught in a new way and style. Hamara Ghar Hamara Viyalaya Yojana

But the first class will start on 6 July 2020. The scheme was announced on 29 June 2020 by Rashmi, the principal secretary of the scheme. Through this scheme, students will be given classes from 10 am.

The scheme was announced by the Ministry by going live on Facebook, where Chief Secretary Rashmi Arun addressed one lakh teachers and said that children learn from every opportunity.

If the child is also going on the farm with his father, he learns new skills from it, it shows him the distance and measurement which is taught in mathematics. Class 1 to 8 will be taught through this scheme. In which class will start at 10 am. This class will be started by ringing a bell or thali at home.

The purpose of Hamara Ghar Hamara Viyalaya Yojana

Madhya Pradesh Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana 2020

As we all know, schools and all educational institutions across the country have been closed due to Corona. The chances of their opening soon are also rarely seen.

In such a situation, it does not have any further impact on the education of children, as well as to enable them to have a school-like atmosphere at home, Hamara Ghar Hamara Viyalaya Yojana has been started.

This scheme will be taught in the same way as taught in schools. The school schedule will start at 10 am by ringing a bell or thali, and a holiday will be given at 1 am by playing a thali. In the meantime, students will also have to-do notes and do their work, which will be given by the teachers.

What will happen in Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana

  • In the plan, starting from home will start by ringing the bell and the end of school will be the same.
  • What time table will be taught to the students, it is also being told that everything will be looked like to the school.
  • On normal days, classes will be taught according to the subjects. It will have all the important subjects that are taught in schools.
  • Manojjan activities will be conducted like school on Saturday.
  • In the evening, the students will hear the story from the elders of their home and prepare their notes.
  • Apart from this, they will be provided with all yoga and sports activities.

Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana time table

  • A video link of different topics will be given on different days from 10 am to 11 am.
  • 11 to 12 radio school must listen
  • The course will be studied from 12 to 1
  • Activities like yoga, entertainment games, and stories will be conducted from 4 to 5 pm.
  • Saturday will be entertained all day.

Benefits Of Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana

  • Through this scheme, the loss of children’s education will be compensated.
  • In the scheme, students from class 1 to 8 will be taught all subjects.
  • Our house will be a 1-hour class for each subject in our school plan.
  • This will give the students a complete school atmosphere at home.
  • Entertainment related activities will also be conducted on Saturday to ensure that students do not get bored or tense while staying at home.
  • Yoga education will also be imparted through this scheme so that their Fox also remains.
  • There will be continuity in studies through the scheme.
  • This will be a completely new experience for him, which he will be able to enjoy a lot.

Questions related to Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana

  • Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya yojana has been launched by which state?

The scheme has been started by the Madhya Pradesh government.

  • What will be done in Madhya Pradesh Hamara Vidyalaya yojana?

Through this scheme, children from class 1 to 8 will be given a school-like reading environment at home and will be taught through online medium.

  • Why was Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya Yojana started?

This scheme was introduced so that the school children are further harmed by their education.

  • Will the activities of Manoranjan be made for the students in this scheme?

Yes, this scheme will not only have education but also entertainment and other activities will also be made.

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