Food officer and Tehsildar destroyed 222 liter expiry cold holdings


Instructions given to hotel operators to keep food items forged and covered in glass utensils

Chandrashekhar Azad Nagar. In view of the rainy season, on Thursday, the Food Officer and the Tehsildar reached the Coldrink shops during inspection in the city and examined the Coldrink being sold at the shops and destroyed the 222 liter Coldrink of Expiry Date.

Food officer Dhirendra Singh Jadon said that in view of the rainy day, a general inspection is being done to prevent the rising diseases. On Thursday, Coldrin seized expiry date from Navin Besar and Chandan Bhatewara and destroyed it on the spot. At the same time instructed the shopkeepers that action will be taken if any kind of cold drink expiry is received from further. While instructing hoteliers, Tehsildar Yashpal Singh Muzhalda and Naib Tehsildar Jitendra Solanki said that all the food items made at their hotels should be covered with cheese or glass utensils. Do not sell sweets and snacks. Use fresh ingredients. Follow the cleanliness and social distance in the hotel by applying a mask on the mouth and give the sanitizer to the customers and use them themselves. Action will be taken if the instructions are not followed on double checking.


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