FAQs related to Diksha Portal / App and see their answers here


Today we will ask you questions related to deeksha portal / app and their answers like how to register on deeksha app? Going to give information about

DIKSHA offers a wide range of courses. Registered users can join these courses or are invited to join the course by the institute they are associated with.

Initiation portal / app

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Q1: What is the initiation portal?

Ans: DIKSHA is an e-learning portal launched by MHRD to enable seamless and hassle-free interaction between students and teachers.

Q2: How to register on initiation app

Ans: Registration on initiation app https://diksha.gov.in/signup.html You can register by following the stepwise method.

Q3: How to use the initiation app

Ans: You can follow this stepwise by clicking on this link. https://diksha.gov.in/help/enrolling-course.html Can use the initiation app.

Q4: What is initiation education?

Ans: DIKSHA stands for Digital Sharing for Knowledge Sharing which is an initiative of National Teacher Forum, MHRD, and it https://diksha.gov.in Is online and included through the DIKSHA Android application and through the DIKSHA desktop application.

Q5: How to create a profile on initiation app

Ans: You can follow this stepwise by clicking on this link. https://diksha.gov.in/profile.html Can create a profile.

Q6: How to download the initiation app What is it?

Ans: you this link https://play.google.com/store/diksha.app You can download by following the stepwise approach.

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