Delhi Govt Rozgar Bazaar Recruitment 2020


The Delhi government has launched the job portal (Rozgar Bazaar) to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed.

Delhi Govt Job Portal

Delhi Govt Job Portal

Delhi Govt Rozgar Bazaar

Delhi government has launched job portal to give employment opportunities to the unemployed. The main objective of this employment portal is to revive the economy by creating employment opportunities. Employment seeking companies and job seekers can register themselves in the employment portal.

This is an initiative to reach the job seeker to the youth seeking jobs and to the companies/institutions employing youth seeking jobs.

The youth looking for jobs by registering on this portal have to mention their qualification as well as experience so that companies/organizations/institutions will be able to reach them through this portal. Along with this, companies/organizations/institutions can also post the information about vacant posts here on this portal, so that qualified youth can apply for these jobs through the portal.

This portal will act as a common platform for both job seekers and job seekers. It is noteworthy that after the lockdown, many people are facing difficulties in finding jobs and portals where they can find to the best of their ability Post your details and requirements.

After the launch of the portal, people will not need to apply for jobs in many places. In this, the government will take initiative in providing employment to the youth.

No fee will be charged from anyone for registration on this portal. This portal is free and is dedicated to youth seeking employment in Delhi.

What is the registration process on the employment portal?

  • First of all, visit the official website of the employment market (Rozgar Bazaar)
  • If you want employment, then click on the ‘I want job section’ given on the home page. If I am looking for an employee then click on the section I want the staff.
  • After this, the registration page will open, where you have to enter the mobile number of ten digits.
  • OTP will arrive via SMS on the mobile number.
  • Put OTP in the box on the screen.
  • If you are looking for a job, then choose the category of your choice.
  • Fill all the information that is being asked in the form and make your profile.
  • After creating a profile, the favourite jobs of a person looking for a job will come down.
  • Click on the job of your choice.
  • After this, connect with the employer through a call or WhatsApp.

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